Valerie R. Houghton, RN, MFT, JD
I have recently updated this website so that it will integrate with my new paperless office format (Think Green!) This site should also make it easier for those of you who have questions about the specific range of services available. 
For those of you who used to go to www., stay put right here, because I finally was able to buy the rights at a reasonable cost!

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Professional Clinical Services:

  1. -Individuals,  Couples, Family & Group Therapy

  2. -Teen, Couple, Family & Intergenerational Therapy

  3. -Re-Unification Family & Reconciliation Therapy

  4. -Mediation: Child Inclusive, Family, Custody, Elder, Workplace & School

  5. -Negotiation

  6. -Co Parent Counseling

Professional Forensic Services:

  1. -Assessments/ Evaluations

  2. -AFCC Standard Parent Coordinator (PC)/Special Master Services

  3. -Therapeutic Supervision (Non-Confidential)

  4. -Case Consults, Standard of Care Evaluations & Trial Support

  5. -Supervision & Training

  6. -Arbitration Services

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